Speed Math: The Key to Better Problem-Solving

Learning math helps stimulate the brain to problem-solve better and faster. This is evident from studies such as one conducted on a 1st-grade class, which found that students who quickly recall addition facts had more ability to learn other skills and concepts. As problem-solving is a skill required throughout one’s life, it is important to nurture.

Speed Math vs Conventional Math

In terms of development, childhood is an important age. It is the time when curiosity is at its peak, interests begin to develop, and therefore, when skills can best be honed. This age can be compared to a sponge; a time when we not only absorb but retain more information than at any other point in life. So, there is no better age for your child to master math now!

While there’s nothing wrong with the conventional techniques of learning math (most of us have learned this way), wouldn’t you rather have your child be taught uncomplicated and faster techniques? Introducing Speed Math!

As the name suggests, Speed Math teaches techniques to solve mathematical problems, even complex ones, at near lightning speeds. However, it is about speed, accuracy, and simplicity. Speed Math offers simple steps that are easy to understand and remember, and erase the need for rote memorization of math facts. While this is not a suggestion to do away with memorizing the timetable, what Speed Math does is it teaches you to calculate tougher problems quicker than you can imagine!

Speed Math is based on Vedic Mathematics and the Trachtenberg System of Mathematics. Vedic Mathematics is based on a book written by the Indian monk Bharati Krishna Tirtha ji Maharaj, which was first published in 1965. In it, the author lists mathematical techniques, which he claims to have originated in the Vedas, and describes it as a system of mental calculation. The Trachtenberg System of Mathematics was developed by the Russian engineer Jakow Trachtenberg. As a means of distraction and to keep his mind occupied, he is said to have developed this rapid mental calculation system while in a Nazi concentration camp.

A study published in Clinical Psychological Science revealed that engaging the brain’s prefrontal cortex during mental math exercises is linked to better emotional health. According to a professor of mathematics at Stanford Graduate School of Education, students learn math best when they approach the subject as something they enjoy, rather than as exercises and drills they fear. She notes that number sense is the foundation for all higher-level mathematics. With Speed Math, you can foster an innate intelligence for numbers helping you to apply appropriate methods to effectively solve problems.

Speed Math makes solving arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, etc., problems, even complex ones, easier for everyone, especially children! By making math not only effortless but fun, Speed Math kindles interest and excitement for the subject, cementing the foundations for higher math and mental math!

On 13-14 November 2021, 98thPercentile will be organizing Speed Math Kahoot sessions for children in grades 1-6. In those sessions, grade-level speed math methods will be covered to reduce calculation time while completing arithmetic problems. This would be done by professional educators via Kahoot sessions to make learning fun and competitive. Topics of discussion will include speed math tricks to add & subtract with a rapid speed, multiply and divide quickly, solve fractions, use order of operations, and many more. The children will thus learn new tricks while having fun.

98thPercentile also provides online programs in different subjects like Math, English, Coding, and Public speaking for learners, in grades K through 12. The programs intend to help your children's educational growth as a whole. The teaching style is up-to-date, to challenge students each week by incorporating advanced concepts and abilities. Browse through 98thPercentile to book a free trial today!

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A humungous number of children suffer from math anxiety developing a forever dislike for the subject. 98thPercentile’s Speed Math, based on the Ancient Indian Vedic Math system will provide easy & fun tricks to help conquer this Math Anxiety.


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